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Drug Offender Education Program
Serving Williamson, Bastrop, Hayes, Bell, and Travis County
This is the 15Hr Doep & 12Hr DWI state required course for individuals charged with a drug/alcohol-related offense.  The court may require this course to reinstate a suspended driver's license. DrugClass.org offers this class at the lowest cost and greatest convenience to the client and community supervision. Approved by DPS and certified by TDSHS #1381 & #1423.
Drug Offender and DWI Education Program TDSHS (#1381, #1423)
    The best priced, highest impact DOEP and DWI classes in Austin!
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    12 Hour DWI Program -Cost $75

    Monday-Wednesday 10Am-2Pm 
    Monday-Wednesday 5Pm-9Pm
    Saturday-Monday 10Am-2Pm

    Hour DOEP Program-Cost $85

    Monday-Friday 10Am-1Pm

    Monday-Friday 6Pm-9Pm

    Saturday-Wednesday 10Am-1Pm

    Meets State/DPS Requirements for Drug and DWI Offenders

      - Upon Completion Participants receive state-issued certificate of completion needed for reinstatement of driver's license.

    DrugClass.org provides state- approved Drug Offender and DWI classes certified by Texas Dept. of State Health Services.  Classes satisfy requirements for education because of a suspended driver's license. The Drug Offender class is for individuals charged with a misdemeanor or felony drug offense. The DWI class is a requirement in Texas for any person convicted of a first offense DWI. Classes can be taken pre-trial.  Participants receive a state issued certificate of completion needed for re-instatement of their Texas drivers license. 
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